• Razavi Literary SMS International Festival

Peace Be Upon Ali Ibn Musa Al Reza AS
Razavi Literary SMS International Festival
Part of the 9th Imam Reza (AS) International art Festival
On the auspicious occasion of birth anniversary of the 8th glowing star of the sky of Imamat and Velayat,
Hazrate Ali Ibn Musa Al Reza (AS) and the 10 Day of Dignity, the General Directorate of Public Relations and International Affair of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is holding the Razavi Literary SMS International
Festival with the following objectives:
A-   Promotion and spreading of the enlightening Razavi culture all across the world
B-   Promotion of cultural, art and religious activities in connection with the manners of the infallible Imams and specially various dimensions of the personality of Imam Reza
C- Identification and paying respect to creators and producers of the highest quality of art and cultural works about the manners of Imam Reza AS, his personality and Knowledge and providing assistance for their large scale publication.
D- Making use of the various potentials for short literary writings and works through modern communications means.
Subject: Razavi Literary SMS
                 Themes of the Festival
1-    Single line poems and literary phrases on the spiritual milieu of the holy shrine of Imam Reza AS.
2-    Anecdotes, imaginaries, fantasies and other literary formats, both poems and prose.
3-    Biography, historical journey of Imam Reza AS to Iran, stories and traditions related to Imam Reza AS by quoting their sources.
1-      The text of the SMS should be a one or half line verse, magnificent and touching sentence which is created for the first time.
2-    Verses or phrases published before or awarded in other festivals will not be accepted in this festival.
3-    The text of the SMS should be between 25 to150 characters (without counting the spaces between the words and the details of the SMS sender). Texts which do not comply with the above will not be considered.
4-    First and family name, name of the province and fixed telephone number and city code should be given at the end of the SMS.
5-    Texts written in Farsi, English and Arabic are acceptable.
Juries for evaluation of the sent items are faulty members of universities and seminaries.
 The sent SMS which are found qualified to be considered in the festival will be evaluated by the juries and a number of top SMS will be selected and awarded.
A)   At national Level     
First, second and third persons will receive a statue, citation tablet plus 2 full Bahare Azadi Gold coins.     
From rank 4 to 8 will be awarded with statue, citation tablet and one full Bahare Azadi gold coin.
From rank 9 t0 14 will be awarded with statue, citation tablet and half Bahare Azadi gold coin.
B)   At international Level  
Those who rank first, second and third will receive statue plus citation tablet and 2 full Bahare Azadi gold coins.
Those participants who have ranked four and five will be awarded with statue plus citation tablet and 1 full Bahare Azadi gold coin.
Time and procedures for taking part in the festival:
1-    Interested individuals can send their SMS based on the above mentioned conditions from Apr.21, 2011 up to hour 24:00 Sep. 1, 2011 to telephone Number 100038513 ( code No. 0098 for Iran and 021 for Tehran) or electronic post info@farhang.gov.ir.
2-    Participants are required to wait for 24 hours after sending their SMS to receive confirmation of successful submission of their messages. In case they do not receive such confirmation in due time they should forward their SMS once more.
3-    The closing ceremony of the festival will take place on the first half of Iranian month of Mehr 1390 (first week of October 2011) in presence of officials, representatives of the Secretariat and the winners in Tehran.
-         The selected items will be published as a book and a copy of it will be sent to participants.
-         Postal Address:
Tehran- Baharestan Sq., ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Public Relations directorate General.
Contact numbers: 44
Site Address: http://farhang.gov.ir
Department of Public Relations and international Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
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