• Introduction of Minister

Profile of Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mr. Seyyed Reza Salehi Amiri

 born in 1961, politician and science and culture activist, graduate of Public Administration.


Executive and Management

1-     Deputy Minister of Intelligence for Strategic Studies

2-     Head of Social Committee of the Secretariat of High Council of National Security 

3-     Deputy Director for Cultural and Social Studies of Strategic Study Center of Expediency Council

4-     Acting Minister of Sport and the Youth

5-     Director of National Achieve and Library

Membership in Councils and Societies

1-     Head of Board of Trustees of Assembly of Large Libraries

2-     Head of Board of Trustees of Coordination Assembly of National Achieves and Historical Studies

3-     Member of Policymaking Council of International Book Fare

4-     Head of UNESCO’s World Heritage National committee  

5-     Member of Government Cultural Committee

6-     Member of State Information Center

7-     Member of Council of Public Culture

8-     Member of the Committee Of Iran-Islam Civilization( High Council of Cultural Revolution)

9-     Member of the Board of Trustees of Book House

Scientific Positions:

1-     Member of the Faculty and Assistant Professor of Azad University, Science and Research Department

2-     Head of Cultural Planning Group of Azad University, Science and Research Department (PhD)

3-     Founder and Head of Scientific Society of Cultural Management and Planning of Iran

4-     Managing Director of Cultural Management Quarterly(Azad University)

5-     Managing Director of City Management Quarterly 

6-     Member of editorial Board of Inter-cultural Quarterly( Cultural Department of Azad University)

7-     Member of Cultural and Social Strategic Council of Azad University

8-     Member of Plan and Project Committee of Hedayat Cultural Institution(affiliated to Ayatollah Javadi Amoli)

9-     Member of the Editorial Board of Rahbord Scientific Research Quarterly (Strategic Research Center)

10-   Head of Cultural and Social Research Group of Strategic Research Center

11-   Managing Director of Social and Cultural Scientific Research Quarterly ( Affiliated to Strategic Study Center)  


1-     Cultural Concepts and Theories

2-     Cultural and Management of Cultural Organizations

3-     Basis of Cultural Policymaking and Planning

4-     National Solidarity and Cultural Diversity

5-     Cultural Diplomacy

6-      Cultural Pathology in Iran

7-     Improvement Model of Cultural Capital in Iran

8-     Ethnic Conflicts Management in Iran  

9-     An Introduction to Cultural and Social Bodies and Organizations in Iran

10-    What a Cultural Attaché Should Know

11-   Social Capital

12-   Elite Migration

13-   Shanty towns and Unorganized Settling in Iran

14-   Social Security

Major Scientific Papers

1-     Evaluation of the Reasons behind the Lack of vitality in Cultural and Educational Organizations in Iran

2-     Government and Social Capital in 21- Year Perspective

3-     Role of Cultural Industry in Cultural Development with Emphasis on Book and Book Reading

4-     Review of the State of Professional Publication of Books and Governmental Cultural Policies

5-     Position of UNESCO in Cultural Planning in Third World

6-     Globalization and Cultural Policies of Iranian Government

7-     Role of Women in Cultural, Social and Economic Planning in Iran and Related Challenges and Strategies

8-     Review of Contributing factors on Export of Cultural products in Iran and Presenting Management Strategies

9-     Opportunities and Challenges of Planning System of Islamic Propagation Organization in Countering Deviated Sects

10-   Review of Relationship Between Cultural Attributions and Improvement of position of Women in Managerial Posts

11-   Review of the Role of Creative Cultural Industry and its Relationship with Improvement of Iran’s Cultural Capital

12-   Review of the Impact of Family Role in Safeguarding the National and Religious Identity of the Youth in Iran

13-   Review of the Elements of Identity in Iran<< Cultural and Social Security>>, Presenting Management model

14-   Review of the Impact of Globalization on Women’s Culture

15-   Review of Factors Affecting the Improvement of National Identity of University Students

16-   The Desired Model of Evaluation of Cultural Indices in the National Media(State Radio &Television)

17-   Nowuz Ceremonies and National Solidarity

18-   Basis and Contexts of National Solidarity

19-   Cultural Heritage , Tourism Industry and Cultural Pathology

20-   Need for Media Knowledge

21-   Cultural Approach and its Managerial Requirements

22-    An Introduction to the implementation stages of Comprehensive Cultural Planning

23-   Vitality of Country’s Cultural System, Shortcomings and Approaches

24-   Requirement of Cultural Management Model in Iran

25-   Cultural Challenges of Civic Culture in Iran

26-   Need for Cultural Planning in Formulating Development Plans

27-   Globalization and its Impact on Iranian Culture

28-   Review of Interactive Impact of Traditional Culture on Cultural Development and its Managerial Role

29-   Requirements of Ideal Cultural Planning for Export of Cultural Products, Challenges and Approaches

30-   Management in Imam Ali’s(AS) Thinking

31-   Review of the Fundamental Cultural Developments in the Past Decade and its Impact on Foundation of Urban Families from the Perspective of Cultural Management

32-   Review of the Impact of the Activities of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Safeguarding and Bolstering Their Cultural Identity

33-    Review of Macro Management Models of Sub-Cultures and Presenting an Appropriate Model for Solidarity and National Cohesion in Iran

34-    Pathology of Cultural and Religious Institutions and Organizations and Cultural and Hajj and Pilgrimage Planning

Scientific Secretary of National Conferences

1-     Cultural Diversity and National Solidarity

2-     National Unity and Strategies

3-     Strategies for Upholding the Family Entity in Iran

4-     Futurology of Collective Identity in Iran

5-     Futurology of Family Issues in Iran

6-     Civic Good Governance

7-     Strategic Management of Culture In Tehran

8-     Women, Moderation and Development

9-     Moderation(Head of Policymaking Council)

10-   International Gathering of Imam Khomeini’s Political Islam Discourse and the Contemporary World

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