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12th Tehran International Cinema Verite Festival

12th Tehran International Cinema Verite Festival
Tehran International Cinema Verite Festival will take place on December.
According to head of the Public Relations Department of Cinema Verite(Truth), the festival under the motto of (Truth, The Best Guideline, a saying by Imam Ali - AS) will be held on Dec.9-16,2018. All required about information about this festival including entry procedures are due to be announce on the website of the festival in the Iranian month of Tir ( June 22 onwards). Reflecting history of the country and Iranian – Islamic society, safeguarding national identity, empowering Iranian creative documentary film industry, documenting social realities, making Iranian filmmakers familiar with new techniques and developments of world documentary film Industry and paying attention to economy of documentary cinema, are among the reasons behind holding Tehran International Cinema Verite Festival.
Jun 9, 2018 08:35
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