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Central Iranian city of Kashan hosts Australian Cultural Week

Central Iranian city of Kashan hosts Australian Cultural Week

According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Mostapha Javadi Moghaddam, the top cultural official of Kashan speaking at the closing ceremony of this cultural event on Tuesday May 15 said art and culture are the common language among nations adding that Iranian people are very hospitable but some foreign media give distorted image from Iran and Iranians. The head of the Cultural Department of Kashan said Iranian people throughout the history has proved to be a cultured people and never has started a war but only has defended their land against aggressors. Second Secretary of Australian Embassy in Tehran attending the occasion said art has been the shared language of nations adding that through culture and art and music in particular nations can become closer together. He said the most important achievement of his country’s cultural week in Kashan is getting familiar with local culture of the two nations. He also thanked Iranian officials for providing the opportunity for introducing of Australian culture to Iranian people. Australian cultural week was held in Ameri’s House which is a magnificent historic residential dwelling in the central city of Kashan.
May 16, 2018 19:59
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