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Minister of Culture in meeting Syrian Minister of Endowment: Elites of Islamic world should work to eradicate extremism

Minister of Culture in meeting Syrian Minister of Endowment: Elites of Islamic world should work to eradicate extremism
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said scholars, clerics and elites in the Islamic world through dialog with each other can neutralize extremism against Islam.
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Abbas Salehi in a meeting on Monday Feb. 26 with Syrian Minister of Endowment Mr. Mohammad Abdulsattar Al seyyed said we hope the visit by Syrian delegation to become a turning point for promotion of religious and cultural ties between the two nations. He added that Syria is the crown stone of the Islamic world glittering during various eras of Islamic history and civilization and at same time in recent years at the frontline of resistance against Zionism. He added that Iran and Syria are the twin wings of resistance and countering religious extremism and terrorism. Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said now that situation in Syria is moving towards tranquility, Tehran and Damascus can reconsider their relations and work for promotion of ties in different areas. Mr. Salehi said each year between 70 to 100 films are made in Iran as well as 7 thousands plays are staged and 20 thousands new title of books are published. By saying so, he added that such quantity of art and cultural products can be utilized for expansion of relations between Iran and Syria. Mr. Salehi went on to say that before the Islamic Revolution, path of eradication of religion and Arabic language was pursued but in post revolution era more attention is being paid to Islam and Arabic language. He added that since Islamic Revolution, more that 100 thousands religious books have been published in the country. He also talked about efforts by Tehran and Damascus to promote proximity of various schools of thoughts within the Islamic world adding that enemies of Islam are working to create division among Muslims. Mr. Salehi said Shiite and Sunnis are experiencing peaceful life together in Iran and there are 153 publications chaired by Sunni chief editors. He concluded his comments by saying that ties between Iran and Syria can be considered as the symbol of Islamic coexistence and unity. The Syrian official for his part said his visit to Tehran provides a good opportunity for further acquaintance of two nations with each other and boosting their relations. Mr. Abdulsattar said relations between Iran and Syria because of the shrines of two grand female figures, Hazrat Zeinab(S) and Hazrat Ruqayyah (S) in Syrian soil, have improved more than any time before.
Feb 28, 2018 13:03
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