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Post-Revolution Iran gathering in Japan

Post-Revolution Iran gathering in Japan
On the glorious occasion the anniversary of Islamic Revolution, a gathering was held in Japan by Iranian Cultural Attaché to Tokyo.
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, in the gathering, Iranian Cultural Attaché Mr. Divsalar, Hojatoleslam Savada, Deputy Manager of Al-mustafa Society and Mr. Javanmardi, an Iranian graduate, talked about their views about the Islamic Revolution. Mr. Divsalar, referring to Islamic Revolution said contrary to many revolutions, Iranian Revolution advocated freedom, justice and religious values while other revolutions were mostly concerned with economic issues. Talking about the role of media in fanning Iran-phobia, he said despite all progress made by Iran since the Revolution, some media by disregarding their professional ethics, publish unfounded and distorted information about Iran. Underlining Iran’s unrivaled history and civilization, Divsalar said we are always in favor of peace and tranquility across the world and against violence and extremism. The Japanese clergy, Savada, for his turn said before the Revolution, Iran was ruled by a despotic monarch and was under the influence of foreign powers and US in particular that imposed the legal regime of Capitulation but finally the Revolution inspired by hatred towards meddling foreign powers, succeeded. He said Iranian people consider Imam Khomeini as a great leader who was both famous and popular and attracted many people. He added that progress made by Iran during the past 30 years is equivalent to progress made by Japan within 70 years. Meanwhile Iranian researcher at Tokyo University, Mr. Javanmardi, in his speech at the gathering, elaborated on progress made in various areas, by Iran in the post- Revolution area.
Feb 13, 2018 21:31
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