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Swiss Ambassador: Religious dialog plays important role in boosting unity among communities

Swiss Ambassador: Religious dialog plays important role in boosting unity among communities
Swiss Ambassador to Tehran, in a meeting with head of the International Inter-religious Dialog Center of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said to prevent disagreements and subsequently extremism and freeing humanity from violence, we should hold religious dialog.
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Swiss new Ambassador to Tehran, Mr. Makcus Leitner, in his meeting with Hojatoleslam Taskhiri, thanked Islamic Culture and Communication Organization for preparing the ground for exchange of views among Iranian scholars and thinkers with their foreign counterparts. He called for peaceful and tranquil life for mankind and said dialog plays an important role in bringing unity among communities adding that through cooperation, the way to peace and friendship can be paved. Mr. Markus said he is ready to work for defending human rights and counter elements which lead to emergence and growth of Takfiri groups in the world. Hojatoleslam Taskhiri for his part, while briefing Swiss Ambassador on main tasks and missions of Islamic Cultural and Communication Center as the country’s public diplomacy center, said his organization has 85 representative offices across the world. Commenting on relations between Iran and Switzerland, Mr. Taskhiri said dialog is one of the best ways for cooperation between the two countries adding that the said center, during the past three decades has worked for convergence of views and durable peace through dialog with representatives of various religions. While reiterating on rights of all nations to live in peace and tranquility, Mr. Taskhiri said unfortunately today we are witness to violent and extremist tendencies in Muslim and none Muslim communities, therefore dialog is a vital need to bring about unified front to counter such trends.
Jan 10, 2018 09:37
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