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Islamica Center was inaugurated in Russian Oriental Studies Institute

Islamica Center was inaugurated in Russian Oriental Studies Institute
The Islamica Research Center, aimed at promoting Islamic science and theology was inaugurated at Russian Oriental Studies Institute .
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the newly established Islamic Studies Center in Russia is the result of efforts made by Iranian Cultural attaché to Russia. Hojjatul¬ ¬islam Qazi Asgar, the representative of Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenie at Hajj and pilgrimage Organization, a group of Islamic scholars and academics from various Russian republics attended the opening ceremony of the Islamica Center. Mr. Qazi Asgar in his remarks at the inauguration ceremony thanked officials of Russian Oriental Studies Institution for establishing Islamica Center and said opening such centers is compatible with Quranic teachings. He said if Islam is introduced truly by scholars, then extremism and distortion of image of Islam can be prevented. Iranian Cultural Attaché to Russia referring the auspicious occasion of birthday of holy Prophet of Islam(SA) called this occasion as day of friendship among Muslims and said the Islamica Center can serve the needs of researchers, Muslim scholars and Russian Muslim community. Prior to this event, Hojjatul islam Qazi Asgar and accompanying group met and held talks with head of Russian Oriental Studies Institute and called for expansion of all out relations between Tehran and Moscow especially at present time adding that Iran and Russia have made great contribution to fight against terrorism and foiling the plots hatched by enemies. He said in order to counter extremism, especially in Islamic regions we should introduce genuine and rational Islam and Islamic Center can play an effective role in this respect. The Russian official while upholding comments made by Iranian high ranking clergy referred to human catastrophe in Yemen and called for unity among Muslims specially in Central Asia.
Dec 10, 2017 17:05
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