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Iranian made animated movie “Domesticated Man “ to be screened in US and Spain

Iranian made animated movie “Domesticated  Man “ to be screened in US and Spain
The animated film” Domesticated Man” produced by Documentary and Experimental Cinema Promotion Center and Directed by Ms. Marziyeh Abrar Paydar have found it way to two international film festival in the United States and Spain.
According to Public Relation Department of the Documentary and Experimental Cinema Promotion Center, Domesticated Man was first shown at the Comic Film Festival Sick Chick in UD on Oct. 28-29. The Iranian Science- comic animation is competing with 15 films from countries such as US, Astralia, Britain, Portugal….to secure the top prize. Then this film will be screened at the 24th Barcelona Environmental film Festival due to open for a week on Nov. 2. At this festival, Domesticated Man will compete with 50 films to grab the Golden Sun Award. Domesticated Man is a short animated film which depicts a shop owner selling domesticated animals who falls asleep in his shop and in a nightmare finds himself entrapped in a cage filled with various animals. He tries to escape but each time he faces new hurdles. This film has been previously screened at Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) and later this month again will be screened at a short films festival in South Korea. Domesticated man is also to appear in an international film festival in Kuala Lumpur by last week of October.
Oct 30, 2017 10:45
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