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Minister of Culture in meeting his Armenian counterpart calls for promotion of Persian language in Armenia

Minister of Culture in meeting his Armenian counterpart calls for promotion of Persian language in Armenia
Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mr. Abbas Salehi said after signing of an agreement between Tehran and Yerevan last week, a new chapter will open in two countries’ relations
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Salehi said Iran and Armenia share many common art and cultural traditions which could contribute to boosting of relations between Tehran and Yerevan. Minister of Culture talking about the potentials of Iranian film industry said more than 100 hundred feature films are produced annually in Iran. He said Iranian documentary film industry is also very active and has its own festival called Cinema Truth currently underway in Tehran adding that Iran and Armenia can cooperate in film making and exchange of experiences in this area. Mr. Salehi said we are prepared to hold Iranian Cinema Week in Armenia because cinema can play a major role in strengthening our bilateral ties. He also talked about publication of books in Iran and said 10 thousands tittles of children books are published in the country each year. Minister of Culture said we are also willing to cooperate with Armenia on performance art adding that each night 100 plays are staged on theaters in Tehran. He said music is another field for cooperation adding that traditional music of Iran and Armenia and other regional countries can be used to promote peace and friendship. Mr. Salehi talking about prominent position of Persian language in Armenia called for further promotion of this language and said we are ready to provide facilities for teaching Persian language in Armenian schools. He said so far 3 books in Armenian language have been translated into Persian and the same number of Persian written books, have been translated to Armenian language. Iranian Minister of Culture also talked about dialog among divine religions and said Islam and Christianity share numerous common values such as peace, justice, Family, children…to talk about and promote them. Armenian Minister of Culture Mr. Armen Amirian called for expansion of relations with Iran in various art and cultural fields. He said last week an agreement was signed between Iranian Farabi Cinema Foundation and Armenian National Cinema Center which will pave the way for bilateral cooperation in movie industries of two countries. He thanked Iranian authorities for holding Armenian Cultural week recently in Tehran.
Oct 19, 2017 13:04
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