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Minister of Culture meets his Kazak counterpart

Minister of Culture meets his Kazak counterpart
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance met and conferred with visiting Kazak Minister of Culture. According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Salehi Amiri said Iran and Kazakhstan can cooperate in various areas of art and culture such as music, theater, art galleries and visual arts. He added that holding cultural weeks and exchange of scholars and arranging dialog among them and holding book fairs would contribute to development of bilateral ties between the two nations. Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said Iranians are very fond of movies and Iranian films have won numerous international awards from most prestigious film festivals. By referring to atrocities committed by terrorists, he said we should work to restore the true image of Islam. The Kazak Minister of Culture said archives and libraries in his country are of high importance and two countries can cooperate in this area. He added that translation of literary works to other languages plays a major role in making people of the world more familiar with each other adding in Kazakhstan we are translation works of our artists and scientists into six languages. Visiting Kazak Minister of Culture and Tourism said Iranian cinema is well known in the world and we can also cooperate in film industry. He added that his government will hold fifth international religious congress next year.
Aug 9, 2017 12:38
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