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Minister of Culture: Visa has been issued for Iranian consulate team by Saudis

Minister of Culture: Visa has been issued for Iranian consulate team by Saudis
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance talking about latest situation of Iranian consulate presence in Saudi Arabia said preparation for dispatching of all pilgrims and consulate team has been made which mean simultaneous with sending of pilgrims, our consulate officials will be stationed in Saudi Arabia. According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture Mr. Salehi Amiri during a seeing off ceremony held for dispatching of first group of Iranian Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform their Major Hajj rituals thanked concerned Iranian authorities for facilitating procedures and preparations for sending of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. He said we had some conditions for sending Iranian pilgrims to Mecca and Saudi officials and country's Hajj Minister officially accepted conditions we had put forward. Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance commenting on safety and security of Iranian pilgrims said all necessary measures have been taken for their protection and respecting of their dignity and we see no particular problem and think we will have a good Hajj this year. He said we expect that our pilgrims pay full respect to laws and regulations during their stay in Saudi Arabia and act in a manner stated by the Supreme Leader and concerned official and give no excuse to Saudis. Mr. Amiri said following resumption of Major Hajj pilgrimage, we hope that we can reach agreement with Saudis to resume Minor Hajj as well.
Aug 1, 2017 10:27
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