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Deputy Minister of Culture: Boosting media diplomacy is Iran's principal Policy

Deputy Minister of Culture: Boosting media diplomacy is Iran's principal Policy
Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Media and Information in a meeting with visiting Spanish media delegation while calling for expansion of cultural and media ties between the two nations said enhancing media literacy among people is vital for their dealing with social media. According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Housein Entezami said promoting media diplomacy is one of the main policies of Dr. Rouhani's Administration. He said based on this policy, the number of journalists visiting Iran in the past few years and opening of new foreign media representative offices in Tehran have increased considerably. He termed cultural and media diplomacy as more effective than the traditional diplomacy adding that in cultural diplomacy the emphasis is made on relation among nations taking into account their shared values and in such diplomacy, writers, art workers and journalists play the role of ambassadors and relations between countries become relations among nations. Mr. Entezami while elaborating further on the media and cultural diplomacy concept said presence of foreign reporters and journalists in Iran will help people of the world to see Iran through the eyes of their own media and Irano-phobia, fanned by some specific countries to be cleared from their minds. He also called for close cooperation between Iranian and Spanish media and welcomed opening of representative office in Tehran by Spanish news outlets. Head of international Department of Spanish daily El Pais, manger of economic section of La Razon daily, correspondent of Diplomat online magazine and head of International Department of La Vanguardia daily were members of Spanish media delegation who met and took part in discussions with Mr. Entezami. Spanish media officials talked of their willingness to sign memorandum of understanding, inviting Iranian journalists and holding education tours for Iranian media workers in Spain.
Jul 19, 2017 09:58
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