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Algerian cinema delegation held talks with head of Farabi Cinema Foundation

Algerian cinema delegation held talks with head of Farabi Cinema Foundation
A group of Algerian film industry officials who were in Tehran attending Fajr International Film Festival met the General Manager of Farabi Cinema Foundation.
According to Mr. Arlireza Tabesh, during the past 4 months this was the third meeting between Iranian and Algerian cultural officials including the recent visit of Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance to Algiers which Mr. Tabesh himself was accompanying Mr. Salehi Amiri. Mr. Tabesh said we hope these exchange of visits will lead to concrete and useful results adding that the number of memorandum of Understanding signed during Mr. Salehi Amiri’s visit to Algeria with his Algerian counterpart to be put into practice in the near future. General manager of Farabi Cinema Foundation referring to potentials of the two countries’ film industries said we can increase our cooperation in this sector specially in producing commercial films as well as joint ventures. Commenting on the infra-structures of Algerian cinema and film industry, Mr. Tabesh said we are ready to transfer our experiences and provide technical assistance to Algerian side by concluding letter of understanding. Ms. Zohair Judi Shiek Alhasan, Managing Director of Algerian Arts Improvement Organization, talking about the memorandum of understanding between Iranian and Algerian Ministers of Culture said the said document covers the cultural exchanges and our visit to Tehran is mainly to follow up this memorandum. While emphasizing importance of respecting cultural independence of each sides , the Algerian official said as our film industry is not well developed in comparison to Iranian film industry, we hope we can take advantage of technological advance of Iranian cinema. Another member of Algerian delegation said taking part in meeting like this can help us to achieve our main objective which is improving the potentials of Algerian film industry by making use of your experiences and technological capabilities.
May 3, 2017 19:01
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