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Indian media delegation held talks with Deputy Minister of Culture for Press and Information

Indian media delegation held talks with Deputy Minister of Culture for Press and Information
In a meeting between members of visiting Indian media delegation and Iranian Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Press and Information, two sides called for promotion of media cooperation between the two countries.
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, promotion of scientific cooperation as well of using Indian media outlets to better introducing Iran in the region and the world were some of the topics discussed during the meeting between members of Indian delegation and Mr. Houssein Entezami. Mr. Entezami while welcoming exchange of visit by media people of two countries said forging bilateral ties among media workers of Iran and India can form the foundation of the cultural diplomacy which is one of the priorities of the incumbent Iranian government. Deputy Minister of Culture for Press and Information referring to ongoing situation in the region said despite the turmoil and instability in the neighboring countries which is due to military and non-military interventions by major foreign powers in the Middle East region, Iran is enjoying durable security and is getting ready to hold one the most important elections which is the symbol of democracy in the country. Mr. Entezqami while referring to unfair sanctions against Iran said resilience of Iranian people was the key to enduring the hardships by Iranian nation as well implementation of economic resistance policy and modification of consuming habits of people. He told the Indian officials that you have the opportunity to witness the realities of Iran and reflect them to your people so that they can realize what our enemies tell about Iran are nothing but pure lies. He criticized the US government for its double stand in dealing with terrorism because at on hand Washington claims it supports human rights and at the same time supports the terrorist groups and provoke Iran-phobia in the world, adding that Iran’s policy is based of determining the destiny of the region by people of the region and not the aliens. Mr. Entezami said may be the reason behind animosity with Iran is its spirit of independence and helping the oppressed nations. Referring to relations between Iran and India during the sanctions times and in Post-sanction period, Mr. Entezami said our people will not forget assistance of the Indian people during the hard time of sanctions. Deputy Culture Minister said the reason for putting emphasis on public and media diplomacy is to pave the way for expansion of ties among people adding the Iran and India have historic and ancient culture and civilizations and many things in common and these attachments can help to improve further the ties between the two countries and meanwhile media and cultural diplomacy can make great contribute to this end.
Apr 30, 2017 18:34
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