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Cultural weeks are sign of broad cultural interaction between Iran and Turkmenistan

Cultural weeks are sign of broad cultural interaction between Iran and Turkmenistan
Head of Iranian Islamic Culture and Communication Organization speaking at the opening ceremony of Iran’s cultural week in Ashgabat, Capital of Turkmenistan said Iranian and Turkmen nations share common culture and social traditions adding that holding of cultural weeks is an indication of broad cultural ties between the two countries.
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Abuzar Turkaman while thanking Turkmen government and people for hosting Iranian art and cultural delegation said these days we are celebrating anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and on this occasion Iranian musician have come to Turkmenistan to share with you their joy and show the world that Iran and Turkmenistan have a durable friendship. He added that Iranian and Turkmen nations have ancient history and civilization and share a common culture based on philanthropy, morality and wisdom. Mr. Turkaman said borders of Iran and Turkmenistan are borders of friendship and our nations stay together both in joy and sad moment of their life. Iranian cultural week was held in Ashgabat on Feb. 6-8 and numerous handicrafts and traditional cloths and works of calligraphy, painting, jewelry and glass works were on display and Iranian musicians performed traditional and folkloric song s for Turkmen audience interested in Iranian arts and culture.
Feb 9, 2017 18:02
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