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Press and Information Deputy

Name of Deputy Minister: Mohammad Khodadi


Scope of Responsibilities:


1- Research and getting familiar with methods and context of propagation by the agents and those involved in global propaganda.

2- Finding out the central points of the global propagation by the world arrogant and efforts to adopt effective measure to confront such propaganda campaign.

3- Compiling publicity and media policies based on the internal situation of the Revolution and domestic and international public opinion as well as malicious propaganda

4- Directing the publicity policies of the government base on the rulings issued by the State Publicity Council and taking appropriate measures inside and outside of the country within the framework of rules and regulations and cooperation with concerned organizations and departments.

5- Introducing the activities of the government and coordinating methods and programs of government's publicity policies inside and outside of the country.

6- Creating close relation between the government and people through publicity and guiding activities.

7- Explaining objectives and goals of development programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

8- Providing required facilities for quality and quantity promotion of local press.

9- Providing required facilities to support and meet the needs of local press and defend their rights and freedom within the framework of country's Constitution and other laws.

10- Providing the facilities and mechanism for supervising the activities of the local press aimed at directing them and their evaluation within the framework of the Press Law.

11-  Paving the ground for technical and specialized ties among the local and foreign press for exchange of news and information as well as expertise and experiences within the framework of mutual agreements.

12- Handling the affairs of foreign correspondents, news agencies and news outlets in Iran through issuing of license for establishment of representative office and activities and coordination of their works and overseeing and evaluation of their activities through cooperation with other concerned authorities.        

13- Countering the plots and psychological and intelligence campaign by the enemies of the Revolution and Islamic Republic of Iran within the framework of country's publicity and intelligent policies through coordination and cooperation with other concerned authorities and publication of variety of materials in various foreign languages based on appropriate and approved policies.

14- Overseeing entry and exit of press, foreign and domestic publications to check their content and quality based on relevant rules and regulations.

15- Gathering the opinion of readers of newspapers and other publications and taking them into account in planning of activities and policymaking.

16- Preparing the ground and providing material and moral support for press activities outside the ministry's central jurisdiction.

17-  Coordination and planning country's information and publicity activities aimed at :

-     Formulating and proposing publicity and press policies to concerned authorities,

-   Coordinating the press activities, print news and country's publicity policies and their implementation procedure,

-     Planning the long, medium and short term activities of the department for proposing to them to High Council of Planning,

-   Reviewing and approving of bylaws, regulations and plans proposed by the concerned officials within the department about press and publication activities,

-   Coordination of press and publicity activities of other departments of the Ministry within the country and abroad.

The affiliated departments are as follows:


·       Deputy Office        

·       Media Research and Planning Office

·       General Directorate of Foreign Media

·       Publicity and Information Office

·       General Directorate of Domestic Press and News Agencies


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