• Cinema and audio-visual deputy

Name of Deputy Minister: Mr. Hojatollah Ayoobi

 Responsibilities based on the country's current laws and regulations:

1- Research and study about the latest international achievements on art (forms and contents), techniques, economy, technologies and cinema , audio- visual material and equipment, photographs and photography.

2- Gathering and classification of information, documents and works required for the above mentioned studies as well as paving the ground for analyzing the quality and quantity of cinema, audio-visual, photography activities in a centralized manner for those involved in these kinds of activities and publication of the research works.

3-Research and study works and preparing the ground for experiencing visualization of valuable Islamic concepts and reflection of Islamic art and culture in cinema and audio- visual, photographic and other branches of audio-visual arts and techniques through sample works and rendering support for film, photography and slides productions.

4- Conducting opinion poll among the people and audience of cinema and other audio-visual media about the activities carried out in these areas throughout the country aimed at continuous improvement of methods and policies.

5-Efforts aimed at achieving best approaches for popularizing cinema, photography and other related and affiliated arts such as script writing, filming etc aimed at promotion of culture of visual culture and providing most desirable condition for screening of audio-visual products across the country.

6- Planning and formulating the general policies for discovering and recruiting talented individuals and promoting the taste and interest of people to art and cinema, photography and audio- visual activities across the country.

7- Planning and formulating the general supportive, guiding and overseeing policies in relevant sectors by taking into account the country's comprehensive art and cultural policies.

8- Taking care and overseeing the general trends of country's policies both in quality and quantity respects and other audio-visual arts and industries.

9- Formulating and implementing education programs for training committed and skilful manpower in various branches of art, technologies related to film industry, photography and other related audio-visual activities as well as enhancing existing skills by encouraging and supporting universities and private education centers which are engaged in these kinds of activities and overseeing their activities.

10- Investment, joint venturing and encouraging investment on centers for production, technical, art, cinema, photography, sound and other audio-visual techniques based on approved programs and operational and executive plans.

11- Efforts aimed at supporting and publicizing Iranian cinema to the world by paving the ground and establishing relations as well as supporting and encouraging those engaged in film industry and artists and people working in audio-visual media and participation in festivals, holding of photography exhibitions both domestically and in foreign countries and other appropriate measures within the framework of the relevant regulations.

12- Contributing to introduction and export of Revolution and its cultural achievements through supporting Iranian Cultural Missions abroad in relevant areas by coordination of International Affairs Deputy.

13- Supervising the quality and quantity of country's cinema production and film and photograph producing and other audio-visual centers, evaluation of their products by formulating required rules and regulations as well as issuing permission for establishment and expansion of private audio-visual and cinema education institutions and revoking the license of such centers and all other institutions, associations, companies and societies which are active in these areas.

14- Providing help and assistance for the healthy trend of film making within the country in various possible ways (supply of raw material, audio-visual equipment, required resources and legal supports …) in amateur, semi amateur cinema level and holding of relevant festivals and exhibitions.

15- Providing support and assistance to those engaged in film industry by proposing and implementation of supportive laws and regulations in legal, economic, cultural, welfare, professional, non-professional, experimental and other relevant areas.

16- Efforts aimed at promotion of cinema and audio-visual activities across the country especially in deprived regions and providing assistance to Provincial centers and towns on these areas.

17- Issuing permission for entry and exit of Cinema and other audio-visual products (audio-visual cassettes, photographs, films…) based on the rules and regulations.

18- Collecting, preserving, repairing, organizing, expansion and establishment of facilities and showcasing national and international cinema and other audio-visual products and their publication or screening aimed at expansion and promotion of cinema and audio-visual culture of those engaged in these sectors and interested individuals by establishing, operating, and expansion of Iranian Film House and supporting governmental film centers, roving cinemas and other similar facilities.

19- Cooperating with scientific and research institutions in areas of developing and production of raw materials, audio-visual equipment inside the country through technical studies, exchange of information and experience and employing the skillful individuals and supervising entry and exit of such items and materials.

20- Establishment and operation of supervising and evaluation councils for supervising the quality of the works of those working in film and photography industries by evaluation of screenplays, film review, evaluation of cinema houses and formulating the film screening policies of the country and other related activities within the framework of country's pertaining laws and regulations.

21- Conducting economic study on the country's cinema and photography and their affiliated sectors and providing quality and quantity supervision on such activities and quality and quantity control from production to screening and presentation of works by making use of supportive resources aimed at guiding the whole audio-visual and cinema activities based on the overall objectives of supporting, directing and overseeing policies.

21- Establishing, supporting, directing, overseeing the activities of institutions which work as the executive arms of part of the supportive and guiding responsibilities as well as supporting the centrality of the union of those working in country's film industry which will function as Cinema House.

22- Supervising appointments of qualified individuals for cinema and audio-visual positions in department outside the Ministry's Headquarter.


Coordinating and planning for the audio-visual activities within the country aimed at following objectives:

A: Proposing the headlines of the planning and short, medium and long term policymaking for Audio-visual and cinema sectors in the country.

B- Discussing and reviewing periodical, ad-hoc and single case programs, policies, projects of the Department.

C- Reviewing the procedures, regulations and rules proposed for implementing the directing, supporting and supervising policies. 

D- Coordinating with other relevant authorities and institutions, planning of activities related to cinema and audio-visual sectors.

E- Discussing, reviewing and coordinating the quality and quantity of holding or participating in festivals related to the activities of the Department within the country or abroad along with relevant procedures and bylaws of festivals and exhibitions, forums and gatherings related to cinema and audio-visual works.

F- Quality and quantity evaluation of the policies and short, medium and long term plans of the Department based on the notified information.



Sub-divisions of the Department:

·        Office for Development of the Cinema and Audio-visual Technologies

·        Deputy Office                    Tel: 3396609-1

·         Study and Planning Office for Cinema and Audio-visual Activities                           Tel: 3851- 3150

·        Management for Cinema and Audio-visual gatherings and Festivals                             Tel: 33966097


·        Office for cooperation on Audio-visual and Home Cinema Affairs  


·        General Directorate for Evaluation and Overseeing the professional Cinema 


Address: Baharestan Sq., Kamalulmolk St., Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Cinematic Deputy Building

Internet Address: www.cinema.farhang.gov.ir


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