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Department of Legal, Parliamentarian and Provincial Affairs

Name of Deputy Minister: Mr. Ali Asghar Karandish

 Job Description:

      -      Planning and policymaking on areas related legal and parliamentarian affairs within the framework of ministry’s policies.

     -      Taking measures for introducing activities and undertakings of ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to members of Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) and exchanging views with them on implementation of cultural, art and public relations projects taking place in their constituencies.

      -      Planning meeting with parliamentarians aimed at facilitating implementation of cultural, art and public relations projects and programs.

       -      Overseeing the legal aspects agreements prepared and signed by both local and foreign parties and taking part in preparation of legal documents and bylaws.

       -      Overseeing the procedures regarding identification and registration of works of culture and art and the intellectual and material rights of inventors, authors, artists and all creators of cultural, art and media works.

     -      Overseeing the study, review and preparation of reports, information and statistics on cultural situation of provinces and regions and preparation of required reports concerning the problems, shortcomings and special characteristic of provincial departments and making needed recommendations to concerned authorities and planning councils.

      -      Continues review and study of laws and regulations related to art and cultural activities and making required recommendations for amendments to concerned authorities. 

       -      Review, study and formulating appropriate policies for promoting position of provincial departments through their further empowering and authorization  

       -      Taking required measures for identifying cultural status of country’s various regions with regard to quality of life, natural conditions, historical background, ethnic groups, beliefs, traditions, rituals, language, dialects, religions and sects.

      -      Defending the submitted bills by the government in the related committees and open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

        -      Amending of laws and regulations and keeping them updated.

        -      Reviewing and recommending advice to highest official of the ministry in areas such as appointment of provincial officials and overseeing their performance.

       -      Taking appropriate measures for filing legal suits and preparation of defense bill with legal and judicial authorities.

       -      Presenting advice and guidelines and answering inquiries by different central and provincial departments aimed at creating common procedures and coordination in enforcement of laws and regulations.



Address: 4th& 5th floors, Central Building of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Kamalulmolk St., Baharestan Sq. Tehran, Iran

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