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Finance & Administration

Name of Deputy Minister: Mrs Ladan Heidari


Job Description:

1-      Adopting job creation and employment policies and strategies during the country's development plans

2-      Planning for recruitment of qualified workforce within the framework of ministry's human resources recruitment program.

3-      Planning and implementation of financial and accounting laws and regulations of the country within the ministry.

4-      Planning and taking required measures for providing appropriate welfare, recreation, traveling, health, medical and social services to ministry's employees and their family members.

5-      Planning for timely and properly meeting the logistical needs of the ministry’s headquarters within the framework of regulations, procedures and relevant instructions.

6-      Planning, coordination, information gathering and preparing and regulating ministry’s budget through cooperation with other concerned departments as well as allocation and distribution of budget and overseeing their expending.

7-      Planning the comprehensive program of human resources including improvement of integration of workforce, recruiting and preserving human resources, improving skills and efficiencies (training of ministry’s employees and managers).

8-      Planning and setting up criteria and standards, development and construction of art and cultural spaces and carrying out national development projects and overseeing their implementation.

9-      Planning and carrying out measures for appointment, dismissal and replacement of managers through consultation and cooperation with other departments.

10-  Planning the comprehensive modernization and improving administration performance of the ministry within the framework of laws and regulations and approved programs.

11-  Review, study and planning aimed at boosting economy of culture including employment, industry, investment, technology in cultural and art sectors and providing required facilities for this purpose.

12-  Study and review the programs and objectives of directorates- General, financial resources of provincial departments based on policies, strategies and regional and provincial orientations.

13-   Review and compiling of strategic evidences for expanding use of technology within the ministry.

14-  Study and review of awareness, analysis and evaluation of effectiveness of programs and performance of each department.

15-  Reviewing projects and programs and approval and overseeing commitment and payment of budgets and their dispenses, purchasing and supporting various works, systems, media, software, hardware and technology and communication based services by various departments within the headquarters of the ministry.

16-     Guiding, supervising and paving the ground for implementation of programs and updating of administration process within the framework of laws and regulations, structures and organizations, working procedures, training and providing required facilities for workforce and enhancing participation of employees aimed at re-engineering of structures and functioning process.

17-  Developing an evaluation system to assess the quality and result of on job training courses aimed at continues improvement of training programs.

18-  Preparation of criteria for evaluation of performance of programs, projects and activities of departments.

19-  Review, study and presenting mechanisms for formulation of job creating policies aimed at promotion of activities and investment by private sector.

20-  Overseeing the review, study and compiling of regulations and instructions for effective and proper implementation of laws, regulations and bylaws with regard to administration, employment, financial, transactions by the ministry and provincial departments.

21-  Overseeing the affairs of Recruitment Department, appointments, attendance, leaves, evaluations, assignments, transfer, salary and wage payments, categorizing of jobs, retirement, resignation and dismissal of employees working in the ministry's headquarters with coordination of the concerned departments.

22-  Overseeing financial affairs such as preparing and controlling accounting works within the approved founds, proper expending and other payments, collecting of incomes and other money transfers based on pertaining laws and regulations.

23-   Overseeing safeguarding of properties and assets both moveable assts and immovable properties and centralized archiving of documenters.

24-  Taking necessary measures for preparing and timely submission of accounts and overseeing proper handling of this task in ministry’s headquarters and affiliated departments.

25-  Arranging short, middle and long terms programs by active participation of concerned departments.

26-  Continuous evaluation of financial performance aimed at making suggestions and recommendations to concerned authorities for improvement of their efficiencies.

27-  Regular evaluation of logistical activities of the ministry aimed at identifying possible deviations and taking required rectifying actions.

28-  Formulation, compiling and informing of required bylaws,  guidelines and regulations for more effective implementation of programs dealing with human resources in ministry’s headquarters and provincial departments.

29-  Making necessary arrangements for collection of incomes both general and specific.

30-  Correct and proper execution of all administrative and recruitment laws and regulations of the ministry.             


Address: 3thfloor, Central Building of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Kamalulmolk St., Baharestan Sq. Tehran, Iran



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