DeputiesCultural Affairs


Name of Deputy Minister: Mr. Mohsen Javadi


Description of Responsibilities:


1-      Reviewing and proposing of policies and guiding principles of cultural activities related to this department.

2-      Conducting research works on Persian literature and contributing to spread of Persian Language.

3-      Encouraging the spirit of research and innovation in all areas of Islamic and Iranian culture by providing aid and assistance to writers, poets and scholars and honoring cultural and men of letters of the Islamic world and helping the publication of their works.

4-      Research works and making proper proposals on issues related to promotion of books and book reading, publication as well as cultural and social works specially about religious minorities and various schools of thoughts and cultural and socials issues related to women.

5-      Contributing to introduction of fundamentals, characteristics and cultural goals and objectives of Islamic Revolution through publication of books and other publications and publicity works, holding of meetings and festivals, seminars, congress, competitions, and cultural and literary exhibitions and publications or participation in local and foreign gatherings.

6-       Concluding of agreements and carrying out cultural and literary exchange and taking part in regional and international cultural and literary meetings within the framework of the Ministry and through cooperation with other concerned departments.

7-      Collection, centralization, classification and proper and correct presentation of all information and cultural literary news  

8-      Expansion and coordination of the activities of private cultural and literary  education centers and supervising the training methods of experienced individual in various cultural, technical and professional aspects of printing industry through cooperation of concerned departments and within the relevant rules and regulation.

9-      Issuing and revoking of license and overseeing the activities of printing houses, duplicating institutions, centers affiliated to printing industry as well as book stores and overseeing the content of printed works based on the relevant regulations.

10-   Providing material and moral support for those involved in publication, printing, distribution and selling of books aimed at improving the level of writing and reading and promoting the quality of activities of the printing industry.

11-  Issuing the required permission for entry and exit of cultural and publicity printed materials based on the bylaws issued by the cabinet on promotion of book export.

12-  Conducting opinion polls aimed at improving the planning of activities related to cultural, literary, art and publicity works of those religious minorities recognized by the Iranian Constitution.

13-  Supervising and coordinating the cultural and publicity activities of religious and Islamic sects in Iran.

14-  Overseeing and coordinating the cultural, art and publicity activities of foreign nationals residing in Iran through cooperation with other concerned authorities.

15-   Issuing the permission or revoking of licenses of associations, societies and cultural centers and proposing regulations for overseeing the activities of such establishments and coordinating rules and regulations as well as providing assistance to these kinds of institutions aimed at achieving country's cultural objectives.

16-   Directing and supporting the associations related to men of pen aimed at promoting cultural communications and exchange, literary criticism, securing the rights and providing permissions and making required coordination with concerned organizations.

17-  Determining and proposing the regulations for ceremonies of awarding prize and cultural medallion within the scope of responsibilities of the department and based on the relevant regulations.   

18-   Making contribution to exchange, translation, publication and distribution of works which are somehow related to Islamic and Iranian cultural heritage outside the country through cooperation of the International Affairs Deputy and the Cultural Representatives.        

19-   Overseeing the appointment of qualifies individuals for concerned positions outside the Ministry's Headquarters.

20-  Coordination and planning of country's cultural activities.

21-  Coordination of activities and programs of ministries and governmental and non-governmental organizations on areas of publications and writings.

22-  Coordinating the publication activities within the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

23-  Proposing the guidelines and general policies of the country on publication sector.

24-  Reviewing and approval of rules and regulations concerning the literary activities, printing  and publication works and supervising their implementation within the country based on the pertaining laws as well as regulations dealing with holding of exhibitions, festivals, competitions, forums and private cultural establishments.

25-  Reviewing and proposing policies, guidelines and regulations governing the cultural activities of religious minorities and foreign nationals.

26-  Coordinating the literary and publication policies and programs of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance with other cultural and research works within the country and abroad.


Sub Division of this Department:


·         Deputy Office    Tel: 3396080-1  Fax:33966085

·         Studies and Planning Office of Cultural Activities   Tel:38512536


Address: Baharestan, Kamalulmolk St., Central Building of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, 3rd floor