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Art Affairs Deputy

Name of Deputy Minister: Mr. Mohammad Mojtaba Hoseini


Scope of Responsibilities:


1- Promotion of Islamic Arts inside and outside of the country and helping introduction, promotion and acceptance of Islamic Arts outside the country through education, attracting interested individuals and holding of exhibitions and etc.

2- Research and studies about the Islamic and Iranian Arts, promoting the genuine aspects of the Islamic and Iranian Arts and cleansing them from alien elements specially in visual arts, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, stone and wood carving works and other forms of handicrafts using leather and textile, performance art, music, chorus and other related fields.

3- Promoting the spirit of research and creativity in various areas of arts including visual arts, performance art, music and chorus through supporting, supervising and directing artistic activities in the country and encouraging and commemorating the contemporary and former artists and efforts aimed at promotion of artistic activities across the country.

4- Conducting research and study works on various fields of arts aimed at helping the planning works, assessing the extent of people's interests on cultural activities and participation in such programs, sample making and designing of art works compatible with the culture of Revolution and Islamic Republic of Iran and along with global art achievements.

5- Helping the promotion of genuine and novel forms of arts by making use of possible means.

6-Expansion of various branches of art and teaching them to children, youngsters and other age groups through conducting applied research works and other means.

7- Cooperating with Ministry of Education and other relevant establishments on compiling art text books,

Covering, training and educating the artistic talents by making use of available means.

8-Providing the possibility and required facilities for exchange of ideas and art works with other nations as well as proper and prompt cooperation with cultural missions of the ministry in foreign countries on specialized fields and making the ground for performing of healthy and constructive cultural programs by foreign groups through coordination of International Affairs Deputy.

9- Establishment, running and expansion of art institutions and conducting required activities for planning programs and production of art works and holding festivals, competitions and other cultural activities for introducing the produced works.

10-formulating and supervising implementation of the communication system of agents of art activities in provinces aimed at exchange of resources and potentials.

11 Coordination and taking care of expansion and spread of art activities in the country through supervision, directing and supporting private art institutions, art societies and other relevant establishments by issuing the license for their establishment or their dissolution and overseeing the implementation of laws and bylaws by such entities based on the country's governing laws.

12 – Overseeing implementation of policies concerning art and cultural activities adopted by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance across the country.

13- Compiling bylaws and regulations for holding of art festivals and exhibitions inside and outside the country based on the proposals made by the concerned authorities.

14Efforts made at preserving integrity, ownership and quality of works of art during exchange of such works by overseeing entry and exit of suspicious works of art based on the country's laws.

15 -Overseeing appointment of qualified individuals for positions in departments outside the ministry's Headquarters.


Coordination and planning of artistic activities in the country with the following objectives:

·       Coordination of programs and activities carried out by the Ministry and governmental and non- governmental institutions in areas such as visual and performance arts, chorus and music.

·       -Proposing policies and general principles applied to art activities( visual, performance, music and chorus), review and ratification of bylaws and regulations for supervising, directing and supporting art activities (visual, performance, Music and chorus) inside the country and within the framework of pertaining laws.

·       Coordinating art policies and programs with other cultural activities and local and foreign research works of departments of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


Affiliated departments are as follows:

·           Deputy office

·           Research and Planning of Art Activities Office

·       Deramatic of Center.

·       Music Office

.       Visual Arts Affairs Office


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